Étiquette : FESTISOL 2023

Publié le: 24 novembre 2023 Par: Journal Santé Environnement Commentaire: 1

FESTISOL 2023 : l’ONG Save Our Planet sensibilise à la préservation des semences locales

The NGO Save Our Planet highlighted the critical importance of preserving local seeds to ensure agricultural biodiversity and food sovereignty during the FESTISOL COLLINES 2023 event. Held November 2023 at the National School of Biosciences and Applied Biotechnologies in Dassa-Zoumé, the initiative aimed to raise awareness among children, students, and agricultural professionals. Executive Director Megan Valère SOSSOU discussed the threat posed by multinational corporations pushing non-reproducible industrialized seeds on underdeveloped countries. Attendees were urged to join the fight for preserving these seeds to protect farmers’ rights and promote sustainable, equitable farming. The event also featured a public debate on conservation methods and challenges.